Find a New Career with Parkside Children’s Learning Center.

We have several opportunities for childcare professionals to leave their mark on the world! Our philosophy will allow the staff to make a lasting impact on the children they guide through the learning process with an enriching, developmental learning environment. We recognize that teachers and children together bring uniqueness and creativity to the classroom. Consequently, we will strive to provide a higher level of autonomy to our staff in such areas as curriculum planning, classroom environment, and daily schedules.

The workplace environment has been very well planned; the rooms are modern, and full of natural light, with more square footage per child (& teacher) than any other center in the area. The playground is over 10,000 square feet, and is equipped with the best play structures available. A spacious kitchen/staff room, staff bathrooms, convenient parking, paid holidays, and benefits such as 401K with a 3% match for full-time employees are just a few of the reasons why working here will be a great experience. With the support of a director, and continuous training opportunities, each staff member will be well prepared to achieve professional excellence and success in the classroom!

While classroom success is very rewarding, receiving appreciation for that success is equally rewarding. Our employee priorities are: to minimize turnover, provide necessary support, establish a professional work environment, and make this rewarding profession the very best that it can possibly be. If we achieve this, we can all deliver the absolute best for the children and families that we will serve!

Thank you for your interest in Parkside Children’s Learning Center.


Once you finish the application, please save it as a PDF or word document and email the completed application to