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Grand Teton & Glacier

6 weeks - 18 months

Our infant classrooms provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment, just as if they were at home.  Our goal is to create a bond with every family in our center to create our “Parkside Family.”  

Our routines are individualized to your child’s needs. Our staff document children’s routines and activities including diaper changes, bottles and eating, naps and activities for the day.  As your child becomes older we will discuss more opportunities for your child to begin to grow into more of a group routine, which includes eating snacks and lunch together, going outside and having one longer nap in the middle of the day. Safety for children is extremely important, we look for families to provide foods that have already been introduced at home to have at Parkside.  Our classrooms provide opportunities for children to explore in a safe place.  We do not allow any outside shoes in our classrooms, in order to provide the most safety while children are on our floors.

Our classrooms provide age-appropriate experiences.  We focus on 4 areas of development: cognitive, language, physical/ language and literacy and social and emotional development.  We believe outside play is a wonderful place to learn best about the world.  Our program provides a natural playground for infants that includes a sensory path, a mud kitchen and baby pull-up bars.  Inside children have the opportunity to learn about their world through socialization with peers and connections with their caregivers.  Our caregivers provide opportunities to connect with children through I love you rituals, which is an aspect of conscious discipline.  Our caregivers also provide opportunities to build empathy through Baby doll circle times, which another aspect of Conscious Discipline. 

Throughout the day we:
  • Provide language activities with your children through reading and singing with your child

  • Provide floor time for physical development

  • Outside play (when the weather is appropriate)

  • Interacting with peers

  • Having intimate moments with their teacher, through feedings, diaper changes and play

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