Yellowstone & Big Sur

30 months - 4 years

We believe that children should learn in a fun and engaging environment.  We introduce routines such as circle time and group activities with that same approach.  Our curriculum and environments provide a place for children to feel safe, loved and engaged.

Our preschool teachers are trained in Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized program.  Creative Curriculum helps to support the development of physical, language, cognitive and social/emotional development of children.  Our teachers plan activities that are intentional to help the development of your child.  Our structured time of the day is organized using a system called “workboard stations”.  Workboard stations provide children with a basic understanding of rotating through activities that provide creative experiences as well as following activities that are more teacher directed.  We believe in providing a balance of these approaches for children; free exploration provides children time to be creative with the materials and peers.  In addition to Creative Curriculum, our teachers also implement Conscious Discipline, which is a social and emotional curriculum.  Conscious Discipline teaches children how to identify and begin to teach how to manage their feelings through breathing exercises and also providing a safe place to go.  Conscious Discipline also teaches children how to stick up for their rights when a peer acts in a way that they do not like.  We talk with our families about how they can implement Conscious Discipline at home; it is our goal to provide a strong home/school connection with our families.  

In addition to our curriculum, we have specialists who teach in our classrooms once a week.  Our classes include art class, literacy, music and cooking/nutrition classes.  It is our goal to provide unique opportunities for children to continue to build their understanding of the world around them.  

Our playground also provides an important part in children’s days.  We go outside twice a day when the weather is appropriate.  Our playground provides a variety of experience for children learn and explore using natural materials including sand, mud, grass and bamboo sticks.  In addition to these, we have a number of climbers, swings and tricycles for children to use.  


Throughout the day we:
  • Do Age appropriate and intentionally planned activities

  • Have Literacy activities that include stories and songs

  • Outside play