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Sequoia & Zion

18 months - 30 months

Our days consist of exploration in our safe environments (inside and outside) while also providing group activities for children to participate in.  Our toddler classrooms begin to provide more of a group experience for children that include eating, sleeping and playing together!

In our toddler classrooms, we label and identify feelings throughout the day, we also have a Baby Doll Circle Time, which is another component of Conscious Discipline. Our teachers provide experiences to help promote growth in the following areas: social and emotional, cognitive, physical , language and literacy development.

Our philosophy is to provide experiences to your child that are meaningful, which will help them have a greater sense about the world around them.

We believe in as much outside play as possible; therefore, we go out outside twice a day. Each child has their own rain suit which we will use to help promote going outside even during the wettest days!  Children in these classrooms may spend up to 3 hours outside! Our playground provides a number of opportunities, including experimenting with natural material such as sand, grass, mud, and flowers.  We also have age appropriate climbing materials and tricycles.  

Throughout the day we:
  • Do engaging, age-appropriate activities throughout the day

  • Outside play everyday!

  • Have literacy activities that include story time and songs

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