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About Our Program

Parkside has been established since 2009.  Parkside Children’s Learning Center is a high-quality program for children and families; this includes having experienced teachers, a safe environment as well as a stimulating program for all ages. In addition to the programs Parkside uses, we close four times a year for teacher training.  

Conscious Discipline

Our teachers are all trained in Conscious Discipline. We believe supporting children’s Social/Emotional development is a priority, therefore we use Conscious Discipline in all of our classrooms. Conscious Discipline provides the opportunity for children to understand emotions and to begin to independently regulate in our preschool rooms.  Children also have the opportunity o participate in activities such as baby doll circle time, which teaches children through games and songs how to take care of others and builds empathy.  Another concept of conscious discipline that we use in our infant classrooms is I love you rituals.  I love you rituals provide a unique opportunity for children and their caregivers to connect using songs and games in a 1:1 situation.  This provides the opportunity to both the caregiver and child to build their relationship with one another.

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