About Our Program

Parkside has been established since 2009.  Parkside Children’s Learning Center is a high-quality program for children and families; this includes having experienced teachers, a safe environment as well as a stimulating curriculum for all ages.

Creative Curriculum & Conscious Discipline

Our teachers are all trained in Creative Curriculum and in Conscious Discipline, two programs which we use.  Creative Curriculum is used in all of our classrooms.  Each week our teachers plan a weekly curriculum, which parents receive a copy of so they can follow along at home.  Creative Curriculum focuses on children’s development in four domains: Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language development.  We believe supporting children’s Social/Emotional development is a priority, therefore we use Conscious Discipline in all of our classrooms as well.  We believe that experiences help to shape a child’s understanding of their world.  To help broaden their understanding we have specialists in our program who provide specific lessons to children; these specials include Art, Music, Literacy and cooking/nutrition classes.  In addition to the programs Parkside uses, we close four times a year for teacher training.  

107 Maine Ave. Bangor, Maine 04401 | 207-941-2122 | jvachon@parksideclc.com

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