Yosemite & Olympic

3 1/2 - Pre K

Our two oldest classrooms continue to provide fun opportunities while learning.  Our teaching teams provide opportunities for your child to help them become more confident people; they will have the skills to learn how to resolve conflicts with peers, have more of an understanding of how to be part of a group and also advocate their own their rights.  

Our teachers are trained in Creative Curriculum, which is a nationally recognized curriculum.  Creative Curriculum helps support the development of social and emotional, cognitive, language and physical development.  Our teachers plan a weekly curriculum based on the interests of the classroom and also their developmental abilities.  We believe in providing a balance of teacher directed activities and free exploration opportunities.  In addition to the Creative Curriculum, our teachers are also trained in Conscious Discipline.  Conscious Discipline is a nationally acknowledged curriculum which supports social and emotional development of children.  In our classrooms, Conscious Discipline is intertwined throughout our day including identifying feelings.  We teach children to find composure by using breathing exercises or using the safe place in both of our classrooms.  We also teach children to build their self-confidence by finding their “voice” when asserting their wants/needs with their peers.  In both of our classrooms, we use Workboard Stations, which is the structured part of our morning.  Your child will move around the classroom to a variety of activities.  

Your child will also have the opportunity to have classes with our specialists.  Each week we have an art, music, literacy and cooking and nutrition class.  In addition to these classes we also believe in providing more science and nature opportunities.  Every other Monday, Miss Trudi, who is the director of education at the Maine Discovery Museum visits brings animals and items from the museum to us!  

Our playground is considered an extension of our classroom.  We believe in outside play whenever it is possible.  Our playground provides an opportunity for children to play with natural materials, such as sand, mud and bamboo sticks.  Children also have a variety of opportunities to climb and to ride tricycles.  


Throughout the day we:
  • Age appropriate and intentionally planned activities

  • Literacy activities that include stories and songs

  • Outside play